– How to contact me.
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yooshin.choi.39/
my blog: https://yooshinchoi.com
email to: yooshinc@gmail.com

– My Web Hosting Site:
It provides WordPress, Online WYSIWYG editor,  blog Template  etc

– Good web hosting site?
Please search google like “top web hosting services”
This is my sample

– Free blog hosting site?
Please  try google blogger. it’s free and easy

– Is it OK to use/share your blog
Yes. You may share, refer, quote or Link to my blog.

– Picture is not loading
If all the pictures are not loaded it’s your side issue.
If some of pictures are not loaded,
please left comment on that blog page, I will look at it.

– Your web site is too slow
Web site speed depends on many many things.
My web host (www.hostinger.com) speed is pretty good, could be sometimes just black out.
I got experience of their machine out of order issue. My blog was just gone out.
I can do nothing about it.
I am paying very small money to them.
I cannot complain.
Also, I cannot move to other web host.
I have too many blogs in this host.
I am not rich to pay for faster service.
The slowness could be client(your) side issue, no one knows.

– Guest writer OK?
My blog policy: I am the only writer of my blog.
My blog is like my diary of my life.

– Phone, Tablet and P/C screen presentation How?
– Have Problem with web Browser (IE etc)
The web host is responsible to User side presentation.
like, browser by browser and/or phone, tablet, pc  etc.
Web hosting program does all of them.
Some browser  ex. old ie may not support new HTML format.
In this case the web contents may run out of screen.
I have no problem with it so far and I can do nothing.

– My blog was hacked and I lost all my blog
That’s responsibility of your Web hosting service. You pay money.
What you can do is only just back up your contents.
The Web Host charge you if you want automatic backup with them.
Even though you pay for that, if your web host is hacked, your blog would be lost.
You must back up your own source on your own HDD.

– I want sign in / subscribe this blog
Right now, My blog is open to every one.
No need subscription.
I am planning “Sign in/registration” Page.
Please Click to Register User

– Your blog has no RSS
Sorry I do not know what is RSS
I am an Old Guy.

– How to write Good blog.
Sorry. There is no short cut.
Write what is in your mind.
what you know well.
Write review write review …

– Do you hire someone for your Blog?
No. I am the only one who build, write this blog.
I have no other for my blog

– Is your theme paid?
They are d
own loaded from free source(google image)
I m
odified them.

– Do you get donation ?
Yes. Please, if you are happy to do.
with Zelle Payment to yooshinc@gmail.com


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