Esther (NIV)


Esther (NIV)

(Chapter 1)

1:6 The garden had hangings of white and blue linen, fastened with cords of white linen and purple material to silver rings on marble pillars. There were couches of gold and silver on a mosaic pavement of porphyry, marble, other-of-pearl and other costly stones.
porphyry Noun 지질 반암(斑岩)
mother-of-pearl ( pearl ) Noun (조개껍데기 속의, 진주 광택이 나는) 진주층1:7 Wine was served in goblets of gold, each one different from the other, and the royal wine was

1:7 Wine was served in goblets of gold, each one different from the other, and the royal wine was abundant, in keeping with the king’s liberality.
liberality 1.Noun 자유의사 존중 2.후함, 인색하지 않음

1:18 This very day the Persian and Median women of the nobility who have heard about the queen’s conduct will respond to all the king’s nobles in the same way. There will be no end of disrespect and discord.
discord 1.Noun 격식 불화, 다툼 (→harmony), (↔concord) 2.음악 불협화음

1:19 “Therefore, if it pleases the king, let him issue a royal decree and let it be written in the laws of Persia and Media, which cannot be repealed, that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Xerxes. Also let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better than she.
repeal Verb (법률을) 폐지하다

1:20 Then when the king’s edict is proclaimed throughout all his vast realm, all the women will respect their husbands, from the least to the greatest.”
edict Noun 격식 포고령, 칙령 (=decree)

1:22 He sent dispatches to all parts of the kingdom, to each province in its own script and to each people in its own language, proclaiming in each people’s tongue that every man should be ruler over his own household.
dispatch ( despatch ) 1.Verb (특히 특별한 목적을 위해) 보내다[파견하다] 2.(편지소포메시지를) 보내다[발송하다]  3.Noun 파견, 발송

(Chapter 2)

2:1 Later when the anger of King Xerxes had subsided, he remembered Vashti and what she had done and what he had decreed about her.
subside 1.Verb 가라앉다, 진정되다 2. 빠지다 3.내려앉다, 침하되다

2:3 Let the king appoint commissioners in every province of his realm to bring all these beautiful girls into the harem at the citadel of Susa. Let them be placed under the care of Hegai, the king’s eunuch, who is in charge of the women; and let beauty treatments be given to them.
commissioner 1.Noun 위원 2.(일부 국가) 경찰국장 3.(일부 국가, 정부 부처) 장관 (→High Commissioner)
eunuch [ˈjuːnək] 1.Noun 환관, 내시 2.격식 거세당한[아무 영향력이 없는] 사람

2:4 Then let the girl who pleases the king be queen instead of Vashti.” This advice appealed to the king, and he followed it.
appealed …의 마음에 들다.

2:7 Mordecai had a cousin named Hadassah, whom he had brought up because she had neither father nor mother. This girl, who was also known as Esther, was lovely in form and features, and Mordecai had taken her as his own daughter when her father and mother died.
feature 1.Noun 특색, 특징, 특성 (→water feature) 2.이목구비(의 각 부분) 3.Verb 특별히 포함하다, 특징으로 삼다

2:8 When the king’s order and edict had been proclaimed, many girls were brought to the citadel of Susa and put under the care of Hegai. Esther also was taken to the king’s palace and entrusted to Hegai, who had charge of the harem.
edict Noun 격식 포고령, 칙령 (=decree)

2:23 And when the report was investigated and found to be true, the two officials were hanged on a gallows. All this was recorded in the book of the annals in the presence of the king.
gallows Noun 교수대

(Chapter 3)

3:4 Day after day they spoke to him but he refused to comply. Therefore they told Haman about it to see whether Mordecai’s behavior would be tolerated, for he had told them he was a Jew.
comply Verb (법·명령 등에) 따르다[준수하다] (→compliance)
tolerate 1.Verb 용인하다(=put up with) 2.(불쾌한 일 등) 참다(=put up with) 3.(약물·힘든 환경 등을) 견디다

3:6 Yet having learned who Mordecai’s people were, he scorned the idea of killing only Mordecai. 
Instead Haman looked for a way to destroy all Mordecai’s people, the Jews, throughout the whole kingdom of Xerxes.
scorn 1.Noun 경멸[멸시](감), (=contempt) 2.Verb 경멸[멸시]하다 (=dismiss)

3:8 Then Haman said to King Xerxes, “There is a certain people dispersed and scattered among the peoples in all the provinces of your kingdom whose customs are different from those of all other people and who do not obey the king’s laws; it is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them.
disperse 1.Verb (이리저리) 흩어지다, 해산하다; 해산시키다 2.(넓은 지역에) 흩어지다[확산되다], 흩다[확산시키다] (=scatter)
scatter 1.Verb (흩)뿌리다 2.(사람·동물이[을] 사방으로) 황급히 흩어지다[흩어지게 만들다] (=disperse) 3.Noun (드문드문 산재해 있는) 소수[소량]

3:12 Then on the thirteenth day of the first month the royal secretaries were summoned. They wrote out in the script of each province and in the language of each people all Haman’s orders to the king’s satraps, the governors of the various provinces and the nobles of the various peoples.
satrap Noun 태수(太守) ((고대 페르시아 지방 장관)); (전제적) 총독, 지사

3:13 Dispatches were sent by couriers to all the king’s provinces with the order to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews–young and old, women and little children–on a single day, the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, and to plunder their goods.
dispatch a courier 특사를 파견하다.
dispatch ( despatch ) 1.Verb 격식 (특히 특별한 목적을 위해) 보내다[파견하다] 2.(편지소포메시지를) 보내다[발송하다] 3.격식 파견, 발송
courier 1.Noun, Verb 운반[배달]원, 택배 회사 2.英 (여행사 소속의) 관광 안내원

3:14 A copy of the text of the edict was to be issued as law in every province and made known to the people of every nationality so they would be ready for that day.
edict Noun 격식 포고령, 칙령 (=decree)

3:15 Spurred on by the king’s command, the couriers went out, and the edict was issued in the citadel of Susa. The king and Haman sat down to drink, but the city of Susa was bewildered.
spur 1.Noun 박차 2.자극제, 원동력 (=motivation) 3.Verb 원동력[자극제]이 되다, 자극하다
spurred 1.Adj 박차를 단, 쇠발톱이 있는 2.독촉을 받은, 다그쳐진
bewilder Verb 어리둥절하게[혼란스럽게] 만들다
bewildered Adj 당혹한, 갈피를 못잡은.

(Chapter 4)

4:14 For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”
relief 1.Noun 안도, 안심 2.(고통·불안 등의) 경감[완화/제거] 3.구호품, 구호물자; 구호 (=aid)

(Chapter 5)

5:10 Nevertheless, Haman restrained himself and went home. Calling together his friends and Zeresh, his wife,
restrain 1.Verb (물리력을 동원하여) 저지[제지]하다 2.(감정 등) 억누르다[참다] 3.(더 왕성해지지 못하도록) 억제하다 (=keep under control)

(Chapter 6)

6:1 That night the king could not sleep; so he ordered the book of the chronicles, the record of his reign, to be brought in and read to him.
chronicle 1.Noun 연대기 2.Verb 격식 연대순으로 기록하다

6:3 “What honor and recognition has Mordecai received for this?” the king asked. “Nothing has been done for him,” his attendants answered.
recognition 1.Noun 알아봄, 인식 2.(존재·사실·공식성의) 인정[승인] 3.(공로 등에 대한) 인정, 표창

6:8 have them bring a royal robe the king has worn and a horse the king has ridden, one with a royal crest placed on its head.
crest 1.Noun 산마루, 물마루 2.(역사를 지닌 가문조직 등을 상징하는) 문장(紋章)[심벌] 3.Verb 꼭대기[정상]에 이르다

(Chapter 7)

7:6 Esther said, “The adversary and enemy is this vile Haman.” Then Haman was terrified before the king and queen.
adversary Noun 격식 (언쟁·전투에서) 상대방[적수] (=opponent)

7:8 Just as the king returned from the palace garden to the banquet hall, Haman was falling on the couch where Esther was reclining. The king exclaimed, “Will he even molest the queen while she is with me in the house?” As soon as the word left the king’s mouth, they covered Haman’s face.
molest 1.Verb (특히 아동을) 성추행하다(=abuse) 2. 폭행하다

(Chapter 8)

8:2 The king took off his signet ring, which he had reclaimed from Haman, and presented it to Mordecai. And Esther appointed him over Haman’s estate.
reclaim 1.Verb (분실하거나 빼앗긴 물건 등을) 되찾다[돌려 달라고 하다] (→baggage reclaim)
2.(늪지 등을) 매립하다, (황무지 등을) 개간하다, 간척지를 만들다 3.(개간해서 쓰이던 땅이 사막·숲 등의 자연 상태로) 환원[복구]되다

8:5 “If it pleases the king,” she said, “and if he regards me with favor and thinks it the right thing to do, and if he is pleased with me, let an order be written overruling the dispatches that Haman son of Hammedatha, the Agagite, devised and wrote to destroy the Jews in all the king’s provinces.
overrule Verb 기각[각하]하다 (=override)

8:8 Now write another decree in the king’s name in behalf of the Jews as seems best to you, and seal it with the king’s signet ring–for no document written in the king’s name and sealed with his ring can be revoked.”
revoke Verb 폐지[철회/취소]하다

8:11 The king’s edict granted the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate any armed force of any nationality or province that might attack them and their women and children; and to plunder the property of their enemies.
edict Noun 격식 포고령, 칙령 (=decree)

8:17 In every province and in every city, wherever the edict of the king went, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and celebrating. And many people of other nationalities became Jews because fear of the Jews had seized them.
feast 1.Noun 연회, 잔치 2.(종교적) 축제일[기간] 3.Verb (아주 즐겁게) 맘껏 먹다[포식하다]
celebrate 1.Verb 기념하다, 축하하다 2.(특히 성체 미사를) 올리다 3.찬양하다, 기리다

(Chapter 9)

9:22 as the time when the Jews got relief from their enemies, and as the month when their sorrow was turned into joy and their mourning into a day of celebration. He wrote them to observe the days as days of feasting and joy and giving presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor.
relief 1.Noun 안도, 안심 2.(고통·불안 등의) 경감[완화/제거] 3.구호품, 구호물자; 구호 (=aid)

(Chapter 10)

10:1 King Xerxes imposed tribute throughout the empire, to its distant shores.
impose 1.Verb (새로운 법률·세금 등을) 도입[시행]하다 2.(힘들거나 불쾌한 것을) 부과하다[지우다] 3.(의견 등을) 강요하다
tribute 1.Noun (바치는) 헌사[찬사] 2.…의 효력[영향력]을 입증하는 것 3.공물(특히 과거 속국이 종주국에 바치던 것)

10:3 Mordecai the Jew was second in rank to King Xerxes, preeminent among the Jews, and held in high esteem by his many fellow Jews, because he worked for the good of his people and spoke up for the welfare of all the Jews.
preeminent Adj(…에/…가운데서) 탁월한, 발군의, 걸출한((in /among)); 우위[상위]의; 현저한. (=DOMINANT)


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