My facebook friend policy


(My post is public. You don’t need ask me a friend request.)

———————— Policy summary ——————
These person will be rejected as my facebook friend.
If you are already my facebook friend, I will block you if possible.

(1) Who ask FB friend with no introduce.
(2) Who want use facebook to earn money. (Who want Romance.)
(3) A person only be my FB friend (No organization, church, firm etc)
(4) Who do not show their opinions or thoughts, but only watch is not welcomed.
(5) Who do not care other’s opinion and only insist their own opinions.
(6) No Instant Message, No Call Please. Who do IM/Call will be blocked.
———————— Summary End ————————
I will explain more detail about this.

Let me Introduce myself.
Choi Yooshin, born in 1950 (Born during the Korean War 6.25.1950)

A Korean American.
Retired now. (I was a Computer Programmer)
I am married.
My wife, who has lived with me all my life, is with me.
I am a grandfather.

I am a Christian. who wants to understand the Bible and practice it if possible.
My hobbies are reading and studying the Bible.
Besides that, I am doing the following hobbies:
Making Audio Amp, listening music, ink painting, calligraphy, photography, house management.

I have a lot of Facebook friend requests.

My facebook is sometimes serious and not comfortable.
My postings are about I’ve been thinking.
I write them facebook and this Blog site.

Many of them have to do with my faith in Jesus Christ.
Opinions and criticism are welcome and appreciated.
(as long as it’s not rude)
There are quite a few cases where my opinion is not correct.
I try not to trust myself too much.
If you are uncomfortable with my facebook,
please stop to be my facebook friend. Of course I do same way.
Please do not be uncomfortable to be a FaceBook friend of mine.

(1) Who ask FB friend without introducing themselves.

It is rude to ask for a friend without a photo nor introducing Him/Her.
Of course, FB is a public space, I understand that you may not reveal yourself.
To be a friend you should introduce yourself even it is just a little bit about you.
To request a friend, I will say that’s pretty basic.

Those without self photo and introductions are basically rejected.
(Excluding those who have met in person)
We do not live in safe world. We need to be careful.
Everyone want to be safe, no harm.
As you want to be safe, I want the same.

But if you want to be friends while hiding yourself, what kind of friends are you?
Just follow my facebook is OK.
Friends are who farely communicate each other.

When used to know each other online, and we met by chance.
How embarrassing would it be if my opponent knew me but I didn’t?
Sun glass photos, other people’s photos, children’s photos, etc… I reject this person.

(2) Who want use facebook to earn money (marketing, sales, advertising and so on)

I don’t want to be the target of marketing, sales, advertising, or promotion.
I don’t want my FB nor my blog to be your money earning way.
I refuse to become a means of business for the profit of others.
I reject these person.

(3) A person only be my FB friend (No organization, church, firm etc)

Not with organizations.
Friend requests from institutions, groups, and churches are unconditionally rejected.
(Including churches and missionary organizations: because they are not natural people)

(4) Who do not show their opinions or thoughts, but only watch is not welcomed.

I am not happy when I feel being investigated. I don’t want friends with people who does like this.
It’s not too bad for those who just watch, but Follower is probably right.
(Who have already met and know each other is no problem)

(5) Who do not care other’s opinion and only insist their own opinions.

One who does not open his/her life at all and just talks his words.
I don’t think this person is a friend either.
If he/she is a teacher or a preacher then it is OK.

I understand their desire to teach good things.
However, I believe that teachers and preachers should also communicate with each other.
To teach students to understand what they don’t know
Isn’t it to convey a message to understand what the listener needs?
Facebook is not like that at all.
I reject those who request a friend and turn into a preacher or teacher.
I doubt the sincerity of this person.
I don’t think a good purpose can justify an impure method.
(It will be possible in an urgent situation such as fire or war. Not on fb.)
It’s better to read a book or watch Youtube to hear such words.
I refuse these people.

Facebook can show only what I want to show.
It may not happy to show everything of oneself. That is a virtual space.
However, in such a space, I reject those who hide, insist, and teach.
Honestly, how do you know who is who?
Of course, I know I talk too much.
However, I try to earnestly show and communicate my life and heart.
You don’t have to be like me, but I refuse those guy.
Am I intolerant?
So if you don’t like me either, cut me from your FB friends.
Also, if most of your facebook pages are videos, those FB friends will be rejected.
Because I personally don’t like time consuming videos.

(6) Those who send Instant Message will be rejected.
(No, Instant Message. Please)

Instant message pops up, it gets in my way.
At first, I feel, I am not respected.
Open communication is my FB policy.
No private, confidential conversations, please.
Tough I ask this, someone send instance messages.
I will block him/her.

Asking Fund Raising, money, click likes, subscriptions, etc.
There are people who ask for those.
I will reject these people as FB friends.

(7) I am not a celebrity, politician, businessman, etc.

I don’t have the ability to make too many friends and maintain their popularity.
I have no reason to do so.
So, I hope you understand that I clean up my FB friends from time to time.

(8) You are welcome to follow me.

I’m just an ordinary person with nothing much to do, but…

(9) There is a tendency on Facebook to reject those who claim to be heretics such as “Shincheonji”.

I’m just a Christian, but I’ll accept you as a friend who fits above criteria.

And the person who always says only good things is a bit uncomfortable.
A friend should have an opinion, but wouldn’t it be weird if he always said nice things?
However, I think this is too excessive, so it’s just an opinion, not a standard.
For that reason, I welcome dissenting advice.

On this basis, I will clean up my facebook friends from time to time.
Even if I’m too picky, I want to keep this policy.
Oh! What you are doing with a face book if you do this?
Because, I have many friend requests ha.ha.ha

Thanks for reading such a long text.

PS. Here is my facebook link

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